Cross Click Gel Matte Black - Pen Review

It seems that I start most pen reviews with, "this pen has been on the radar for about a year", and the Cross Click is no exception to this.  Often times I'll see a pen online or happen to stumble upon one in the store that I forget about over time.  With the Cross Click, I recall being intrigued by the idea of a click-style Cross pen because it is definitely outside of the norm for them. 

I was looking on for a completely different pen when I noticed a little add for a Cross Click Gel gift set that comes in a nice box with three refills.  This package normally retails at $40+, but they had it on sale for $15.  Sold.  The refills alone would probably be that much, so I felt like a got a good deal.  As of this review they are still at that price.  Not sure if Staples will no longer be carrying them? 

I traditionally haven't been a fan of Cross pens.  Not because they don't make great pens, but because they haven't really fit my style.  They always seem a bit too "gold" in color or too ornate for my tastes.  A bit gaudy maybe?   

When I saw the matte black Cross Click, I thought to myself that it could be a pen that may be something I'd like to try and I'm glad I did. 

I'm going to first start with the refill; I really like this one.  I was surprised at how much I actually enjoy it.  It lays down a nice dark line and I didn't have an issue of skipping once in my entire writing sample for the review.  I opted for the blue refill (included in the gift set) which has an appealing dark navy blue color.  It is pretty smooth, although not the smoothest I've written with, but the slight friction on the paper isn't a deal breaker.  As far as the ink flow and line width, I'd probably compare it to the Schmidt Cap-Less rollerball refill found in the Retro 51 Tornado which actually says a lot.  The Schmidt is still a smoother experience I'd say, but the Cross gel isn't far behind.

The body is very thin as it fits in line with most other Cross pens in this style which isn't my favorite, but the pen feels good.  The body has a good weight to it and is made of brass.  The matte finish looks cool and the silver accent ring around the knock and subtle "CROSS" lettering on both the clip and back are nicely placed. 

The knock on this pen is fun to click.  It is substantial and doesn't feel cheap.  I'd consider it a loud click, so be mindful of your neighbors... 

In my opinion, a great pen for a great price.  I really enjoyed the writing experience with this one and I'll probably keep it in my rotation of daily carries. 

As a side note, found out that the Karas Kustoms Retrakt accepts the Cross gel refill which would be a great option.  Visit the Kickstarter campaign to give them a look if you haven't already.