Ti2 TechLiner Shorty - Black Edition - Giveaway!

If you haven't heard, the Ti2 TechLiner by Mike Bond is all the rage these days in the machined pen community.  Since gracing Kickstarter and many blogs for review over the last year, it has garnered favorable reviews with good reason; it is a solid pen!

I've made several reviews of the TechLiner here on The Clicky Post and I love this pen.

  • Material: Titanium
  • Magnetic tip and tail (sweeeet)
  • Refill: Uni-ball Signo 207

Mike was kind enough to offer up as a giveaway one of his TechLiner "Shorty" pens in the matte PVD black edition.  The pen retails at $120, so this is a big deal and an awesome prize so a big thanks to Mike!

Regardless of whether you win, Mike is running some specials on all of his TechLiners so make sure to check out his site if you've been itching to get one... and if you use the promo code CLICKYPOST you can get 15% off!  

See details below of how to enter:

CONTEST RULES (the "fine print"):

- Contest will run through Friday, January 30th, 2015 and will end at 11:59pm Arizona Time, USA.  I will be announcing the winner the next day so stay tuned...

- To enter, leave a comment below (limited to one entry per person; no cheating!)

- I will arrange the entries in numerical order and randomly select a winner.  The winner will be announced on the blog on Saturday, January 31st and will need to connect with me within a week to claim their prize. 

- This giveaway is open to both US and International readers.


Aurora Black Ink - My Favorite Black

I've actually been sitting on this ink for awhile and am finally getting around to posting a review.

9 out of 10 times (9.9 out of 10 actually) I prefer blue or blue/black ink, but Ron from Pen Chalet provided me a bottle of this Aurora Black to try a few months back and it almost converted me... ok, not really, but it makes me wonder if I will ever use another black ink again.

The label on my black bottle got wet...

I've used several black inks: Noodler's, Kaweco, Lamy, Namiki; the Noodler's was pretty good, but the others seemed to be a thinner, lighter ink that leaves room for more.

When I first put the Aurora Black to the page I was literally surprised at the experience.  The ink came out super smooth, wet on the page, and super dark.  Like, midnight black type dark.  

Another characteristic seems to be the sharpness of the lettering.  Granted, this is greatly due to the Rhodia dotPad I use for my day to day fountain pen writing, but even then some inks feather.  The Aurora makes crisp and clean lines which adds to the appeal in my book.

Dry times (again, paper considered) range probably between the 15 - 30 second mark which isn't super fast, but fast enough.

Water resistant?  Nope.  If this is a need for you, the Aurora won't cut it. 

Compared to the others I'd tried before that left me wanting, the Aurora stood out and made me think that if I had to convert from blue to black (which is silly) that this would probably be it.

Is Aurora the cheapest bottle of black ink you can buy?  No, but I feel it is priced really well for the quality you get.  $15 per bottle from Pen Chalet (use promo code CLICKYPOST to save 10%) is actually quite a steal when compared to Iroshizuku or Edelstein at $25 - $35 per bottle.

I'd highly recommend this ink to anyone that is looking for a nice saturated black.  Thanks again, Pen Chalet!

Yard Sale - Cleaning Out Some Pens

From time to time I feel a need to consolidate a bit and sell some of the pens/pencils that aren't really seeing use.  Not that they aren't great writing instruments, but there really is a point when having too much can really be too much.  That being said, more are certain to come into my possession; I write a pen blog for goodness sakes...

Below are some pieces I've acquired that I will try to price as reasonably as possible and am not really open to haggling or trading.  All pens (unless otherwise noted) are in overall excellent condition.  A couple I have acquired secondhand and may have some wear from age, but were in this condition when I received them.

If you are interested in purchasing, please contact me and we'll work out an arrangement through PayPal.  Shipping for the pens or pencils will be an additional $4 for USPS First Class and $7 for International USPS International First Class both with tracking.

First come first serve!

LAMY Swift Rollerball - Matte Black - $40

LAMY Vista Fountain Pen - F Nib - SOLD

Kaweco Liliput Fountain Pen - Aluminum - M Nib - SOLD

The Liliput is in overall excellent shape, but has some light surface scratches/scuffs.

rOtring 600 Fountain Pen - Silver - B Nib - SOLD

The barrel of this pen has some slight bends in them.  I would probably consider them "dents", but between two of the facets on the barrel the side concaves a bit.  Other than this, the pen is in mint condition.

rOtring 600 Ballpoint - Matte Black - SOLD

Highly collectible, this is an original rOtring 600 ballpoint pen (Japan manufactured) with the red lettering.  This particular example works great, but has some surface wear.  This is the reason for the low price as these generally fetch $150+ nowadays.  This is a spare of mine that I would love to pass on to a rOtring addict that wants one for a good price.  

rOtring Newton 0.7mm Mechanical Pencil - SOLD

An older discontinued rOtring Newton mechanical pencil that has some surface wear and some dings around the grip.  Telescoping retractable tip.

Pilot Stargazer Fountain Pen - F Nib - $120

Pilot Fermo Retractable Fountain Pen - M Nib - $170


I no longer have the stylus tip.

BIGiDESIGN Solid Titanium Pen - Silver - SOLD

I no longer have the stylus tip.

SCHONDSGN Pen - Black Aluminum - SOLD 

Caran D'Ache Ballpoint - Black - SOLD


Tactile Turn Shaker (the shorter one) - Black Anodized Aluminum - SOLD 

Tactile Turn Mover (the longer one) - Bronze - SOLD