Karas Kustoms "Special" Render K - GIVEAWAY!

Boy, oh boy is this going to be fun. 

Since I laid eyes on my first Karas Kustoms pen, I knew I was going to be hooked; big time.  Being local to the shop, I get to hang out and spend time with the fellas and often get to see (and receive) some pretty special stuff.  In talking to Bill Karas recently we discussed doing a giveaway on the blog and he was more than happy to oblige, so thanks, Bill, for sponsoring the giveaway!  

Up for grabs this time is something a bit unique and special.  Let's just say it is more of a "one of a kind" type pen that will likely never see the light of day any other time. 

What we have is a Render K, but not quite how you normally know it.  This Render K has a smooth cap (although you know how much I love knurling) which gives it a sleek finish that I absolutely love.  They only made a few of these caps so this is a pretty neat piece.  

It also has hex head bolts instead of the standard slotted screws, and we opted to make it a two-tone silver and blue to give it more of that vintage look.  Let's just say nobody else in the world is going to have a Render K quite like this one... 

This Render K takes the Hi Tec C or the Parker style refills, and I'll be throwing in a Schmidt EasyFlow 9000 to go with it as it is my go-to ballpoint refill these days. 

The Fine Print (sort of):

This giveaway is open to US and International readers (woohoo!) and will run through this coming Sunday, October 20th, until 11:59pm PST (Arizona). 

To enter, complete the form below with your name and email address.  

I will arrange the names in order as received and use a random number generator to pick the winner.  

Upon picking the winner, I will announce it on the blog, email them, and they will have one week to reply with their address information.  After a week goes by if there is no response, I'll pick a new winner. 

Good luck!