rOtring 600 Silver Fountain Pen - M Nib

There are a few pens that I would consider to be on my "Holy Grail" list, and at the moment many of them are rOtrings.  Many of the older models on the list fetch a pretty penny, so they'll have to come in stages. 

The rOtring 600 fountain pen with the knurled ends and grip is one of these pens and from the minute I laid eyes on these I knew someday I would need to just go for it and get one. 

I found what I would consider to be a reasonably good deal (not a steal) on a NOS silver barreled 600 that came with an M nib.  I won't tell you the price, but it was enough to definitely make me weary when making the purchase.  I had never used one before as they are really no longer in pen shops and I didn't directly know anyone that owned one that I could try out.

Boy, oh boy am I glad I did.  Seriously waiting for the pen was killing me, but when it arrived it was literally like my birthday as well as any other holiday where presents are involved combined...and like I had won the lottery on a small scale.  Needless to say I was a bit excited about it.

As I've mentioned before, one can assume that the build quality on these beauties is going to be superb and it is.  The design of these pens I seriously cannot get enough of.  I love the hexagonal barrel, how it transitions to round parts, how the barrel and cap interlock and line up, the knurling of the grip section.  I'm not going to go as far as to say it is perfection, but there isn't a thing about this pen that I don't like, and that isn't just the price talking either.  It is simply such a unique and special design and part of pen history; it is iconic in it's own right and nobody can diminish it's place in the pen world.  Like a gull wing Mercedes 300SL, 1954 Corvette, or an E-Type Jaguar in the world of the automobile.

The nib is a good writer and started up quick.  The M nib lays down a nice line and I look forward to getting myself some different ink; something really nice and blue to go into this beauty.  I've been eying the Pilot Iroshizuku Kon-Peki for awhile and have seen the numerous reviews of it and need to pull the trigger on a bottle.  The nib isn't as smooth as others, but I didn't find it bothersome to use.  

Like other rOtring 600s and Newtons, the cap posts onto the barrel in a way that is pretty neat.  They engineered some teeth for it to lock into so the facets line up.  It takes some getting used to in finding the sweet spot of being able to close the pen quickly, but it is a cool feature. 

I seriously can't say enough how much I've completely fallen for the 600 series.  The ballpoints, rollerballs, pencils, fountain pens; you name it, I like it.  The design of it is so striking, and the weight and feel of the pen is awesome.  Even though I've now acquired a few 600 models, I find myself getting into "collector mode" on these and over time would like to expand my set. 

As said before, this is a pen that I'd never written with before I ordered mine, so I was anxious and nervous for it to come, but I love it.  Now, these pens may or may not be for everyone as they are pricey.  If you wanted to buy one on a whim and without finding a good deal plan on spending $200+ (some priced upwards of $300+ which is well out of my league) on one of these, but that could get you one NOS.  They sure are tempting...