Fisher Space Pen - Matte Black Zero Gravity Series

Another brand I seem to have a soft spot for is the Fisher Space Pen line.  As I've said before, there are some of their pens that don't appeal to me as they are a bit "over done" if you know what I mean, but there are quite a few models that I think are either classy or conservative enough. 

While perusing their line I came upon a clicky pen of theirs called the Matte Black Zero Gravity series.  They had one of these that said POLICE on the side; I'm not a policeman so I opted for just the straight matte black.

This pen isn't overly expensive and I think I paid less than $20 for it, but upon receiving it I was really surprised at the weight of it.  This thing feels like a tank which I assume is why they've included the version for law enforcement as I'd imagine it's pretty sturdy. 

The barrel is metal (brass I think), but has been given a black rubberized coating for grip.  It doesn't feel squishy though.  Regarding grip, the pen has a strange 3-sided grip section, although not triangular buy any means.  Like the took a smooth round barrel and squeezed it between three point just enough to flatten it out.  Honestly, I feel this was completely unnecessary from a design standpoint and detracts from the look of the pen.  When you pick up the pen the "sides" seem to get in the way a bit too.  Maintaining a smooth barrel the entire length would have been better. 

The click on this thing is pretty loud.  Like REALLY loud.  Granted, it is a ton of fun to click as the nock is nice and stiff, but it is noisy.  Louder even than the Parker Jotter. 

When writing there isn't any real play in the tip of the pen, but the nock does have a bit of a rattle.  It doesn't impact the experience of actually writing, but it is a bit of an annoyance.  It seems to be off and on when the mechanism is in a certain place to where it rattles sometimes but not others.  Strange. 

The clip is pretty thin and has weaker tension than I'd expect and I wouldn't be surprised if it bent out badly with one decent jerk on it.  For a really sturdy pen, this is kind of a downside.

The pen looks and feels great and overall and even with its cons I wouldn't say is a bad value.  It is big, sturdy, heavy, and takes the space pen refill.  Oh, and it is in matte black which adds to some cool factor.  I'm gonna go on record to say that I like this pen, just not some of the quirks about it.