Whoa. Awesome... - Apollo Technical Pen and Drafting Scale

I was given a tip today about this project on Kickstarter, and man, did it start pushing all my buttons at once.  I literally had an overload as this looks awesome.

The Apollo Technical Pen and Drafting Scale campaign launched just two days ago and is already past their goal and onto what appears to be a strong start.  I can see why.

Apollo Pens photo (used with permission)

Metal, hexagonal barrels, knurling... if you aren't aware of my rOtring 600 obsession, welcome to the party.  Even though these aren't a rOtring brand product, I'm so glad the fellas at Apollo decided to go the route of paying obvious homage to these classics, and everything about this looks killer.  They really look like they are trying to head back to the roots of some truly iconic designs in the drafting pen realm.

Apollo Pens photo (used with permission) 

The guys didn't reach out to me and ask me to post, but this is a project that caught my eye and I knew I wanted to give a heads up to on the blog.  Give their campaign a look if you haven't already and bring a bib.  Drool...