With Each Groove, a Doane Paper Utility Notebook...

If you've been following the blog for awhile, you know that I have a pretty strong liking of Doane Paper Goods (if we're honest, probably an obsession).  In a review I did over the past few months I discussed some of the reasons why I like it so much and please feel free to refer back to it. 

Now, Doane Paper Goods does not ship internationally.  Honestly, I can't blame Chad as there are a ton of things to deal with for international packages and paper is heavy.  This makes it expensive to ship even without tracking.  Maybe someday things will change in that arena, but for now I completely understand the rationale. 

Nonetheless, I've decided for fun that I want to send a Garage Series Utility Notebook with each Groove that I sell for no additional cost.   The color will be random from the a three pack that I've purchased, but they all are pretty awesome and I hope you all enjoy them.  For those that have purchased before, I'll see if there is something I can do...

Recent Instagram post of the different options for the Groove shown with DP Garage Series Utility Notebooks

The Groove is a pen holder that I hand make in my shop that holds up to nine of your favorite writing instruments as well as has a "groove" for you to store or display some of your favorite pocket notebooks like the DP Utility Notebooks.  The Groove can be found in The Clicky "Trading" Post here on the blog. 

Thanks again, Chad, for producing such a great product!