Current Promotions for Some Brands I Like (Small Business)

As I've mentioned a bunch on the blog, I love small business and supporting "the little guy" as often as I can.

There are some friends of mine that have some cool promos going on right now for their brand during the holidays that I wanted to mention.  These are going to fall under the "other interesting stuff" category from the blog title as they are not pens or paper, but awesome stuff nonetheless.

A small family run outfit hailing from Gilbert, AZ that produces handmade and custom long boards.  If you're looking at picking up a new board for cruising during the cool weather (or when Spring comes for the snowy regions), give these guys a look.  Really high quality boards, and as mentioned, hand made.

They currently have a holiday promo going on at their site for 15% off your order using the promo code "Christmas2013" at checkout.

They also have gift certificates available good for a whole board if you wanted to buy one as a present that someone can use to create their own.  Pretty sweet!

Visit to check out their options.

MICA Christmas.jpg

Definitely a unique line of goods, MICA produces wooden watches in a few really rad colors and models.  The MICA brand has been around for about 6 years now, and is slowly gaining traction in the world.  Still a small business run by just a few guys that design all of their models and artwork. 

mica sable.jpg

I recently picked up their model called The Deck in the new Sable Collection as well as some of their new soft goods items.

Right now they have a promo going for free shipping and a free t-shirt with any watch purchase, but to sweeten the deal my buddy provided me with the promo code "MICA15" to give an additional 15% off the order.

Visit to peruse their goods.

Also, I'd love to feature more small businesses on the blog as described in my recent post about The Small Business Showcase.  These are a couple of small businesses that would definitely be strong candidates, so please contact me if you feel your business might be a good fit for it!