Lamy Safari Rollerball Pen Review

Lamy makes some pretty cool products.  The company has been around for awhile and have always seemed to have an edge on a more modern design.

Although the Safari is actually one of their entry level pens, it really is still an astounding pen.

This particular model is a rollerball, but the Safari also comes in a ballpoint and the more prevalent fountain pen style.  I have a Safari Vista fountain pen that I'll review sometime soon that I've also been pleased with. 

They are made of a dense, molded plastic and are quite sturdy and have a very recognizable strong steel clip.

The Lamy Safari often comes in a variety of vibrant colors like yellow, orange, green... my blue selection was a bit more conservative compared to some.  Still, it is a nice looking shiny blue.

From what I've heard, the Safari is often used in grade schools around Europe to teach children how to hold a pen properly.  The grip section has a very unique faceted three-sided, triangular shape that forces you to put your thumb, index, and middle finger in the "right" place.  Quite clever, Lamy!  Kudos.

I've always had a pretty normal grip, so the pen is quite comfortable for me to hold.

I like rollerballs generally and the Lamy doesn't seem to disappoint.  It writes very smooth and lays down a thick line.  The Doane Paper I use is pretty thick and absorbs ink, but with as much as the Lamy puts down it didn't bleed through.  On other less porous paper the ink likely floats a bit better.