Paper Mate Inkjoy Quatro - Multipen Review

I'm not a huge fan of ballpoints in general (albeit a few exceptions with the Fisher Space Pen, Parker QuinkFlow, or Schmidt EasyFlow), but while perusing the local Wal-Mart pen aisle I spotted this little guy, the Paper Mate InkJoy Quatro multipen.  It was only $1.97 so I picked it up and thought it might be a great review pen and gave it a go.

Overall, not a bad little pen.  The blue, black, and red are pretty smooth writers, but the green did not fair so well (sorry, Ana)...  The blue especially stood out as a nice deep color that in a pinch I could be pleased with. 

The grip section would appear to have some cushion, but no.  It is somewhat grippy, but not squishy really and I would even venture to say, uncomfortable?  The barrel is a bit wider to accomodate all of the four refills, so this might be part of the problem.  The only other multipen I have is the Hi Tec C Coleto, which similarly has a pretty stiff grip section, but isn't uncomfortable to write with. 

Also, it appears to be refillable, but I haven't ventured to investigate whether it would take a standard InkJoy refill. 

If given the choice, I'm not sure if I would opt for a black barrel on this one.  The bright white plastic is nice enough for a $2 pen. 

And, my wife made these which I had the pleasure of staring at while writing the review...and couldn't eat until after dinner.