White Lamy Safari Fountain Pen - M Nib Review

This Lamy has kind of a funny story.  I'd like to thank Tom for this one.  I was enabled to pick up this particular nib size due to a review he did on Instagram of Lamy nibs EF - B.  Yet, upon posting a photo of the selection I made in the white edition of the Safari, Tom was then prompted to go and buy one for himself.  I could see the vicious cycle of "enabler becoming the enablee" perpetuating itself further... I'm ok with that.  So, again, thanks Tom.

For whatever reason I find the white one particularly striking.  Same build quality of the normal ABS Safaris, but there is something about a glossy white finish that makes this pen stand out. 

The top of the cap is a nice subtle gray which accents the overall body well.  They even made the o-ring in the middle match the top.  That is some aesthetic determination right there; kudos Lamy. 

I've been very pleased with the M nib and it seems to be a really good starter.  The ink flows easily and puts down a line width that I think is most comfortable to me which is probably somewhere in the range of a 0.7mm on a good rollerball.  

The Lamy ink is not really my favorite and I wish it was a bit smoother to work with so I may have to opt for a converter in this one too.  If anyone has suggestions around some of their favorite blue inks to put through a Safari, please let me know! 

I'm going to link to this again if you happened to miss it from the Lamy Swift review, but it is the awesome Lamy Video (all in German) that shows some of their design and production process.  Seriously, you're going to love it. 

A beautiful Safari to add to the collection.