Pentel Tradio Energel - Pen Review

I guess I'm on a Pentel kick.  The Tradio is a pretty neat pen that I know has a huge following, especially the felt tip "art" pen variety.  I ordered the sort of grey/brown/olive drab finish from JetPens and have been pleased with it overall.

The color of the body is really hard to pin down (hence my string of colors above), and the barrel has a soft matte finish.  I haven't noticed any chipping or flaking from the barrel yet, but I wouldn't be too surprised if it ended up doing so over time. 

I have to admit, the barrel design isn't my favorite now that I've been using it.  Not that it is uncomfortable whatsoever, but it seems a bit to...ergonomic?  There is a little bump near the tail end of the pen for the cap to post on, but I think it adds a strange design distraction.   It has a cool little window in the cap to see the tip though!

Cool spaceship window.

Cool spaceship window.

This Tradio takes the brilliant Energel refill, my personal favorite of the office supply store 0.7mm gel variety (compared to the G2, Signo 207) .  If you haven't picked up an Energel, give it a shot as it is a great everyday writer with a really quick dry time.  Although the black ink is nice, I'm more of a sucker for blue.

The grip section on the Tradio Energel is comfortable for being stiff.  The pen is much lighter than it looks.  Really light in fact that it almost took me by surprise.  Not a deal breaker, but it looks heavier in pictures I guess, and maybe a nicer quality than it really is.   

If I were to give this pen a rating, it might be a 7 out of 10.