County Comm Titanium Embassy Pen Review

When I first heard of and saw the County Comm Embassy Pen I was pretty excited to get one at some point.  I'm not into tactical pens which I'm sure the Embassy pen can be classified as, but it isn't as apparently "weaponized" with grips, spikes, and protrusions like many others.  It actually has more of a refined look for an all metal and super durable pen.  But, in a throw down this might come in handy... 

County Comm makes a few variations of the pen out of different materials, but I opted for the Titanium because I wanted something heavier than the aluminum version, but also lighter than the stainless steel.  It was a bit more expensive, but I'm pleased with it and it looks and feels great.  Weighty for sure.  Alright, I'm just going to say it; this is a pretty manly pen. 

The machining is nicely done and the threading is sharp and thick.  The "knurling", if you will, is actually a cross hatched diamond pattern in the barrel and is as interesting and nice to look at as it is to grip.  This thing is just well built.  Super strong clip that is partially recessed into the cap and secured with some smooth screws.        

The Embassy pens take just a "bare" Fisher Space Pen refill, but is really a fitting choice for reliability, mobility, etc.  As it is machined for just the one refill there are no spacers, springs, or anything and it is seriously a perfect fit.  When writing there is no play in the tip and feels like it is fused to the barrel.  The actual Fisher Bullet Pen has more play in the tip!     

I'm pleased with the Embassy Pen.  For everyday writing, it may be a bit weighty, but is a cool and striking piece.