Lamy Noto Ballpoint Black - Pen Review

 I found this pen on Lamy's website and thought to myself, "how have I not seen this?"  This particular black one I purchased on eBay, but I also have an orange one (discontinued) that I found on clearance at Cult Pens  in the UK... follow up photos forthcoming when it arrives.

The Lamy Noto is actually a really cool pen!  Although they are just molded plastic, the design makes for a really unique choice for an "inexpensive" pen.   At a retail price of $14 (I didn't pay that much), its probably about as close to a disposable Lamy as you'll get.  Although, the plastic Tipo might be cheaper.

The barrel is actually triangular in shape and I really quite like it.  It seems that most things Lamy makes are on the edge of cool and weird.  I honestly think that this fine line, as well as their impecable quality, is what makes them so unique as a brand that draws people in and keeps them coming back for more.  

This pen is very sturdy and the molded plastic is very dense.  It does not feel flimsy or cheap in the least.  The knock doesn't actually have a "click" noise, but more squishes into place.  It is stiff and responsive though and doesn't feel awkward.  The spring on the inside is a little squeaky when you push in the knock.  

This pen takes the Lamy M16 ballpoint refill which is pretty good.  There is a Monteverde Soft Roll refill that is compatible which is also an option if the M16 isn't quite your favorite.  I don't mind this refill for a ballpoint though as it seems to be a pretty consistant writer. 

My only real concern long term with this pen is the clip.  The plastic in the clip is pretty flexible which I imagine will start to bend outward over time with use.  Again, for a cheaper pen this may not be a huge issue, but does limit the lifetime usage of the pen for someone if Lamy did decide to discontinue it completely. 

Overall, very happy with this one and I could see myself recommending it as an every day desk or carry pen for someone that wants a unique and fun instrument that they can enjoy, but not worry too much about.

If they only made a version in metal...