Karas Kustoms G2 Render K - Pen Review

Some history about this one (if you're new to the Render K), the Render K is the first pen project from Karas Kustoms, a machine shop out of Mesa, AZ.  The pens are machined from aluminum and brass in their shop, and started a line of other successful machined pens, The Bolt, and the current Kickstarter campaign for The Retrakt.  If you are familiar with my other posts about some of Karas' products, you know that I am a huge fan. (Delrin Render K; Retrakt)

If you don't have a Render K, I'd say you would be hard pressed to find a more unique and stunning pen than this, and one that has more character.  Every time I use this pen, not only do I enjoy the writing experience of it and how it feels, but I kind of bask in its...awesomeness. 

The designer behind the pen is Dan Bishop, a designer that has created some amazing work in all of the pens that Karas Kustoms has produced.  Actually, "amazing" would probably still be an understatement...  Out of them all, the Render K holds a little bit of a spot in pen history (in my opinion) being among one of the first of the machined pens like this to become popular and more mainstream.  What amazes me about the design that Dan produced is the fact that it is industrial, yet refined; vintage, yet timeless; functional, yet elegant.  50 years from now I think the Render K will still hold its own as a beautiful design and I know I'll still be glad to own it.  I look forward to seeing Dan's future works.

The original Render K was made to fit the popular Pilot Hi Tec C, Parker style, and Fisher Space Pen refills which was a great choice, but Karas Kustoms decided to offer a different Render K that takes the more readily available Pilot G2.

To distinguish the G2 Render K, there is a machined line below the tip.

I picked up this particular pen back in December of last year because, although I love my original Render K, I wanted one to carry that had refills that were a bit better for everyday writing (in my opinion).  

The barrel of the G2 edition has been machined with a larger diameter on the inside to accomodate refills like the Pilot G2, Pilot Precise RT, Pentel Energel, uni-ball Signo 207, and even the Mont Blanc Rollerball (if you're feeling fancy).  The pen comes with a piece of tubing that may need to be cut to allow for the above refills, but thats what its for so cut away! 

Check out Karas' website as they have a variety of Render K types to fit your preference from brass (heavy), aluminum, and anodized colors.