Kaweco Classic Sport Rollerball - Pen Review

With my last Kaweco review of a blue AL Sport fountain pen, I shared a bit of a discourse about how much I like the products that Kaweco makes.  There is a unique quality and design to what they do that is very intriguing. 

I was putting through an order on JetPens and decided to add a Kaweco Classic Sport rollerball to the mix.   The Classic Sport has a plastic barrel, but in my opinion the quality is not diminished.  Although considerably lighter than the AL series, these little pens still feel great in your hand.  They still feel very well made, and for $20+ you'd hope to expect that.  The body feels substantial as does the threading of the various parts.

I opted for the blue body, but thinking about it after the purchase, the green body might have been a bit more fun.  My pen purchases seem to be either silver, black, gray, or blue in most cases, so changing things up every now and then would probably be a good thing.  (Although my recent Orange Lamy Noto was a pretty bold selection...)

Kaweco carries two different types of rollerball systems in their Classic Sport series: a cartridge filler and a normal "drop-in" refill style.  I went with the normal refill style for convenience, but also because of the refill it takes.  

This pen takes the same Schmidt Cap-Less Roller refill that the Retro 51 Tornado takes, and that is a good thing.  This particular Schmidt refill in the rollerball realm is pretty much near the top.  Super smooth writer, dark lines, and reliable.  I'll have to admit that the refill alone was a big selling point. 

With the plastic Kawecos, the cap posts tightly on the barrel.  The AL series seems to just sort of set on the barrel as not to scratch the finish, but when the cap is posted with the Classic Sports, it is on there pretty snug.  

These pocket pens really are just cool.  Closed they are almost small enough to fit into the little coin pocket (or whatever it is for) in your jeans which makes for a convenient carry.  But when posted, the pen is comfortably long enough to write.   

Great little pen.