New Page - Things I'm Looking For

I decided to post another page to the site called Things I'm Looking For where I will list pens that are on my radar under the "want" category.   

Not that I'm cheap by any means, but I really enjoy bartering for goods and am looking more to do that.  If I wanted to buy one of the pens on the list, I eventually probably would.  Where is the fun in that?!  

If you're interested in doing a trade of one of the pens on my list for some goods from The Clicky "Trading" Post, just drop me a line through the Contact page.

The Current List: 

- Rotring 600 Rollerball (no color preference) 

- Rotring 600 Knurled Ballpoint Black

- Rotring 600 "Smooth" Ballpoint Black

- Maxmadco Stainless Steel Retractable Pen

- Kaweco Special Ballpoint