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 I stumbled upon these awhile ago and thought I would share.  There is a website run by Gary & Myrna Lehrer called where they carry all sorts of vintage pens and supplies.

As my "collection" is growing, I've been more conscious of storage solutions.  There are always the Block, Cube, and Groove that I offer as a beautiful desk display/storage stand (thank you to all who have ordered!), but for longer term, out of site storage, having a way to keep the pens separated and organized seems to be an important issue.  Gary and Myrna carry some very simple vinyl pen dividers that can be cut to fit in a shallow drawer, cigar box, or some other storage space.  

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Organized Pens.JPG

I'm sure many of us wish that was our collection above!  If you are running into the situation of needing a place to hold a lot of pens, a few of these dividers might go a long way in keeping things organized for you.