Dudek Modern Goods - Logo

First and foremost, I want to express my deep gratitude for all of the support surrounding The Clicky Post, my products, their development, and the incredible feedback I've received from everyone.  It is such a pleasure to make and share my Cubes, Blocks, and Grooves and to hear how people are using and enjoying them and to write reviews on the blog for everyone.

Today on Instagram I posted a picture of a Cube with an etched sample of the new brand logo for my pen holders that will soon be placed on the bottom of all my wares.  Still finalizing the details, but I wanted to share with everyone the progress. 

photo (5).JPG

As the brand has developed, there came a time when I felt an official logo/mark was appropriate and was provided the pleasure of working with Brandon Wilson of ContraBrand.  Brandon is an incredible artist who has done a wide range of brand design and individual artwork that are absolutely stunning.  I feel so privileged to have some of his work being used on my products, and want to say thanks to him directly as well.  Please make a visit to his site to see his works and products, and if you're in need of some design work, he is great.   


Thanks again for following and visiting the blog and I appreciate the support so much!

- Mike