rOtring 800 Mechanical Pencil 0.5mm - Review and Giveaway!

I'm very excited about this particular post as this is my first review while partnering with our good friends over at JetPens.  JetPens, in our pen world, is an amazing resource and hub for getting writing instruments and goods that are hard to come by through normal retailers.  If you're looking for a certain imported pen from Asia or Europe, there is a good chance that they have it.

They were kind enough to provide me with this rOtring 800 mechanical pencil to review, which fits right into the recent theme on the blog from rOtring Week a little while ago.  In addition to providing the 800 for me to review on The Clicky Post, they will be doing a giveaway of a rOtring 800 pencil to a lucky reader!  


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The 800 mechanical pencil is one of the current rOtring models that has actually withstood the test of time with the brand.  After rOtring was sold back in the 1990's, all of the 600 and 800 series pens that many of todays collectors and enthusiasts enjoy so much were discontinued.  The current 800 pencil is a striking tribute to the high points of rOtring history and design and hopefully one that will stay around for awhile.   

If you are familiar with the 600 series pencils, you will know the quality to expect from the 800.  rOtring still continues to produce these pencils in a brass body and they really feel great.  Almost too great.  It feels super sturdy and solid in your hands.  As I've been carrying with me over the past week or so in preparation for the review, I've let some friends and colleagues try it out and all have had a similar reaction to how nicely weighted it is. 

I like this picture...

Of course, one of the iconic design features of the 800 is the hexagonal barrel design that really does carry a very industrial modern yet timeless style.  Before really getting my hands on a few rOtrings I was always drawn to the matte black versions, but the silver really is stunning.  I think it actually accents the red ring more so and is a nice yet soft metallic.  Not shiny per se, but silvery.

The tip retracts into the pencil which is pretty cool.  To extend it, right below the knock there is a knurled section that twists.  Once extended, the clicks on the knock are so subtle that you hardly realize they are doing anything.  That took a bit of getting used to. 

The 800 has some gold accents around the tip and just below the knock which adds a bit of "bling" to the pencil.  This is an interesting design choice, although historically has been an aesthetic that rOtring has included in some of their nicer models.  I've never really owned a writing instrument with gold accents so I suppose this is pretty exciting? 

600 and 800 knurling

I really love knurling.  It is almost to the point that when I see a cool metal pen with knurling I have an uncontrollable desire to use/own it.  The knurling on the 800 isn't so much a sharp, pointy knurling like the 600 series or the Rapid Pro, but is more of like a cross hatch pattern that is designed into the metal.  It is more subtle than the spiky grip of the others.  

Now, with mechanical pencils one thing that drives me nuts is when the lead wiggles around.  Oh my does that ruin the entire experience.  rOtring has done an absolutely suburb job in the 800 in making sure this doesn't happen.  When the lead is pushed to the paper it is solid.  What is most impressive with this is that the 800 has additional moving parts in the tip and STILL has no wiggling.  Bravo rOtring.  Bravo indeed.  

I again want to thank our friends over at JetPens for providing this sample for me to review and for sponsoring the giveaway!  

Make sure to follow the link to the entry page for your chance to win!