Grid Post-its - Sticky Note Pads

One thing I haven't really done a whole lot of on The Clicky Post is review office goods.  I don't know if I'll dig too much into this arena as I seem to be sort of stuck in my ways when it comes to paper and stuff, but from time to time I come across a product I like a lot that I'll probably post about.

Now, if you don't already know, there is a pretty fantastic blog called The Well-Appointed Desk that is an amazing resource for office products, pens, desk organization, and tons of other awesome stuff.  Ana does a stellar job and she really loves vintage staplers and other really neat items.  So, give her site a look if you haven't already.  She even has a cool little shop that I bought a stamp and vintage DYMO machine from (now no longer available).  Pretty cool. 

Awesome DYMO machine in action on  Instagram ...

Awesome DYMO machine in action on Instagram...

The product this post is about is one I came across awhile ago, but thought I'd give a shout out to it anyways.  I'm not a huge fan of Post-it notes as the paper quality is usually junk and they aren't that pleasant to write on unless you have a marker.  I came across a larger grid pattern Post-it that I'm willing to overlook writing experience for functionality (and awesomeness) as these things are pretty cool. 

Mike, these are just bigger Post-it notes with a grid on them.... I know.  Awesome.  

 I've really enjoyed using these for making lists or leaving a note on a coworker's desk (or a nerdy note to my sweet wife) and I like the fact that they are made from a white paper instead of purple, orange, or canary.  Just a normal grid type experience.

Honestly, the paper on these isn't offensive to use.  I'm not going to be writing my fondest dreams and ambitions on these (although you could I'd imagine), but the inks I tested on them worked out fine.   For everyday usability, love them.

These babies only run about $4 on the high end, so if you're in need of some sticky notes and hate the traditional ones, give these a go.