The Divide - Newest Offering From Dudek Modern Goods

I'm pleased to announce the newest offering in my shop: The Divide.

With The Divide, the pens and pencils on your desk can have a place to live in harmony being partitioned by a few pocket notebooks.  There seem to be graphite and ink camps in our community, so now people have no excuse but to let their writing instruments of all kinds play nicely together in an attractive, handmade walnut pen holder.   

The Divide has a space for 6 of your wood cased pencils which stand uprightly in 3/8" holes, a slot (or groove) for up to three pocket notebooks, and 6 pens with a combination of 5/8" and 1/2" holes which are sure to fit most of your daily arsenal.

You may recognize the design as being very similar to the piece created for Tim from The Writing Arsenal some time ago, which it definitely is.  Some slight differences for balance, but the overall design was something that Tim and I corresponded about to make for him.

The support from the community over the past year has been tremendous and I'm so pleased to have the opportunity to make these pieces. 

Please visit my store of Handmade Goods to pick up The Divide or another pen holder from the selections.  The Divide retails for $60 + shipping charges.