Lamy cp1 Fountain Pen - 1.1 Stub Nib

Wow.  I've been sitting on this particular pen for probably a year now almost waiting for review.  Not sure why the delay, but perhaps I just needed the right amount of time.

There is a little bit of a story with this pen that makes me feel good.  It was a gift from a friend (and blogger), Ivan Romero from Inktronics.  About a year ago he was in Arizona on some business and we talked about connecting while we he was here as I was making him a Groove.  We met up at Karas Kustoms' old shop and went out to get some awesome Mexican food from this little place nearby with Dan Bishop.  Super fun and it is always great to meet people in person that you've known online for awhile.  Long story short, Ivan and I ended up making a little bit of a trade and he graciously gave me his Lamy cp1 1.1 stub.  It meant a lot and is a pen that I'll never part with.  So, thanks again, Ivan.  Hope the world is treating you well.

Writing with this cp1 was actually my first experience of using a stub nib.  Upon writing with it I thought, "this is weird..." but enjoyable.  Other than using more expressive writing tools like various felt tipped pens, I hadn't seen my personal handwriting in this way with all of the line variations.  

After running through the converter on the cp1, it sat for a bit as I seemed inundated with new pens, but I've really been enjoying getting to know it again.  Honestly, it is the pen I have been reaching for over the past month... I can't seem to get enough!

Some history about the pen, the Lamy CP1 has been around for awhile.  It was released (or designed) in 1974 by Gerd A. Müller, the mastermind behind another timeless Lamy classic, the 2000.  This fact alone makes me like the pen.  He also designed the Lamy st and Lamy Unic (which I will be reviewing sometime soon).  A fantastic legacy.  One thing I do really love about Lamy is how they showcase the work of the artists and maintain their contributions. 

Although it is very different in its overall shape and size to the 2000, there are definite similarities behind the brushed stainless clip contrasting against a black barrel.  Does it have the same impact on me as the Lamy 2000 design?  Definitely not, but I do enjoy its slim and almost simple design.  No distractions which makes this pen seem more of a practical, yet elegant, workhorse.

This particular cp1 (and most I've seen) are done up in a matte black finish, but I have seen some variations in a brushed stainless or a "platinum" edition which is pricey.

The barrel and cap are made of metal, likely brass (although some places refer to it as titanium?).  The material is quite thin, but the metal gives the pen an overall solid feel.  The section of the pen is made from a molded plastic of some sort and is covered in a line of rings that provide grip.  In my heart of hearts I do wish this part was metal.

As mentioned above, Ivan had installed a 1.1 stub nib which I have really been enjoying.  It seems to fit so well on this pen.  The cp1 takes what I would consider to be the "standard" Lamy nib which also fits pens like the Safari, Vista, AL Star, Studio, Logo, and others.  This type of universal part system reminds me a bit of old Volkswagen Beetles and buses from the 50's, 60's, and 70's.  Many of the parts were interchangeable between cars.  Even the motors could be moved back and forth in some cases.  It makes for a neat experience being able to pull a nib from one pen and put it on another to see how it feels.

I've been inking the cp1 recently with Pelikan Edelstein Topaz.  I love this ink.  I wasn't extremely sure of it at first, but it has grown on me in such a strong way.  It is a "blue" blue, so to speak, but sits a little on the lighter shade.  It is super smooth, deeply saturated, and shades beautifully.  Upon drying, there is even a bit of a red sheen around the edges and darker parts.  There is a lot of depth to the ink and may just be my favorite blue yet.  With the stub, it is a game changer.

The pen is thin as noted previously, but I don't find this to be a distraction.  I find that posting the cap while writing does make the pen a bit long and on the top heavy side, so I opt to write unposted.

I think the cp1 is a bargain and has modern design that is on its way to withstanding the tests of time.  The MSRP on it is $70, but most places it is around $50-60 depending on where you find it.  JetPens has it for $58 which seems very reasonable and supports a great outfit.  You'd also be able to pick up your 1.1 stub nib too!

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