Retro 1951 Tornado "Albert" Rollerball - Giveaway!

Even if you are new to the pen community or pen "nerd-niche" group of which I like to refer to us (endearingly), you have likely heard of or bought as one of your first nice pens, the Retro 1951 Tornado rollerball.  This pen was one of my very first steps into the realm of a more expensive pen, but is one that doesn't leave you dissatisfied; ever.  First you buy one, then two, then six...

Recently, the fine folks over at Retro 1951 released a new edition to their twist pencil line known as "Albert" which incorporated in the barrel some of Albert Einstein's equations against a chalkboard-like finish.  Retro 1951 is always announcing new and exciting stuff on their Twitter feed and Facebook page, so make sure to check them out.  "Albert" is the perfect pencil for the math/physics person in your life, right?  Whilst Retro 1951 makes a fine pencil, not everyone is a huge fan of pencils...

Alas, our voices have been heard and a short time ago they released "Albert" in the rollerball version which we love!  It takes the ultra-smooth Schmidt Cap-less rollerball refill which really makes the pen stand out in experience and quality.

From the moment I saw "Albert" I knew it was on the list... now that I've actually held one I know I need to pick one of these beauties up!  Such a fun edition.  Retro 1951 is one of those companies that is a breath of fresh air and is willing to have fun.

Retro 1951 was kind enough to send me this "Albert" rollerball pen to offer as a giveaway to a reader of The Clicky Post!  To enter the giveaway, please see the details below. 

CONTEST RULES (the "fine print"):

- Contest will run through Saturday, November 8th and will end at 11:59pm Arizona Time, USA

- To enter, leave a comment below (limited to one entry per person; no cheating!): do you have a favorite Retro 1951 Tornado edition?  One you'd like to see?

- I will arrange the entries in numerical order and randomly select a winner.  The winner will be announced on the blog on Sunday, November 9th and will need to connect with me within a week to claim their prize. 

- This giveaway is open to both US and International readers.

Thank you again to Retro 1951 for sponsoring this fun giveaway and for being such a great company.  Good luck to everyone!