New from Dudek Modern Goods - The Daily

I suppose when the inspiration hits, sometimes you just have to create things.  A couple of weeks ago I had a thought come to mind about a new product idea and the next day felt like I needed to get to work on it right away.

What I came up with I am calling The Daily.

The Daily is a small piece and is meant to be a place to hold just the things you are using now.  No additional storage space, no long term, just the pens, pencils, and notebooks that are in your rotation or need close at hand for "daily" use.

It is the same dimensions as The Cube coming in at just 3" x 3" square on top and around 2.75" tall.  This makes for a very small footprint on your desk or side table, but is an efficient and compact solution.

The Daily is made from a solid walnut and has 3 slots at 1/2" (as the standard) out front to hold your writing instruments and a slot in the back to hold up to three of your favorite pocket notebooks.  Each piece is hand made and finished in a satin polyurethane to bring out the grain of the wood and to provide some surface protection.  The finished dark walnut makes The Daily a small, but elegant piece.

Please visit the shop if you think The Daily might be a good fit for you.  Thanks so much!  

The Daily retails at $40 +shipping. 

- Mike