Ohto Super Promecha 1500P Drafting Pencil - 0.9mm

For starters, the name of this thing is a mouthful, but sounds awesome!  Anything with "Super" in the name (and Promecha is pretty sweet too) should be really good.

I want to thank my friends over at JetPens for providing this free sample for me to review of the Ohto Super Promeca 1500P as it is an instrument that I've had my eye on for awhile now and am super excited to give my thoughts on it.

Upon seeing this thing, it definitely stands out with it's shiny metal body and all the cool "gizmos" that make up the pencil.  Most drafting or mechanical pencils have a click mechanism at the end to extend the lead and might have a retractable tip if it is fancy, but the Promecha has a lot of cool bells and whistles that make it unique.  I can honestly say that I've not used a pen or pencil that has as many features as this does that truly customize the writing experience out of the box.

The tip is retractable and adjustable and ranges from 0 to 4mm depending on your preferences simply by twisting the grip.  Twirl the knurled grip to extend or retract to your hearts content!  What I really find interesting about this is the fact that I don't have to extend the tip if I don't want to. 

If I prefer the lead closer to the grip section, I could leave the tip all the way in and still continue to extend the lead and write with it.  Super cool.  The two other pencils I've received from JetPens previously, the rOtring 800 and Pilot Automac, both have retractable tips but are required to be extended for use and are not adjustable.

The main eye catching piece of the pencil is a little wheel or dial that sits right in the middle of the barrel.  What is this for?  It has some little lines on it that look like a cell phone signal (no, it does not receive cell phone coverage...joke...).  What the dial does is allow you to adjust how much lead comes out with each click.  Have you ever used a pencil that seems to spit out too much at once?  Or, 3 clicks is too much, but 2 clicks is too little?  The Super Promecha gives you the ability to refine this to your exact preferences.  Holy cow, this is awesome.  I do consider myself more of a pen guy, but this pencil is definitely making me nerd out big time.  Kudos Ohto.  The lead extension can be adjusted from 0.2mm (lots of clicks) up to 2mm (1 click) with each push of the mechanism.  The 2mm seems a bit odd to me though as the lead kind of shoots out.

The tip of the pencil holds the lead nice and solid and there isn't a noticeable wiggle in the least.  While writing it feels solid and study.  The pencil is weighted more towards the front, but I wouldn't consider it heavy by any means.  The knurling on the grip is a smoother pattern and isn't sharp at all, but grippy. 

Elaine from JetPens was kind enough to send me some softer 2B lead to go with it which I enjoy.  Thanks again Elaine!

The barrel has some black o-rings midway through and I'm not sure what their purpose is, although I do notice that when I am twisting the grip to extend the tip, the o-rings are precisely where I grab.  Maybe a really good call by Ohto after all!

The clip on the pencil is pretty thin and what I would consider flimsy.  If you're pretty hard on your clips, expect this one to bend a lot.  There is another feature that isn't critical, but the functionality of the lead indicator isn't good at all.  On a rOtring, the twist dial moves smoothly yet sturdily around.  With the Promecha, you have to unscrew the reeded end part to loosen it up and then tighten it down while holding the lead indicator on the correct selection.  Unfortunately, 2B was not on the list so B had to suffice...

The price point on the Super Promecha 1500P is a reasonable $25 which seems like a great deal for all the features.  One concern I have is that when things are a bit complicated in their design this often leads to wear and breakdown of the parts over time which could leave the instrument in pretty dire straights.  Time will tell and if I run into issues over time with it I'll make amendments to the post.

I think the Promecha is a pretty sweet pencil and if that's up your alley it might be good to give one a go.  I put positive marks on it and the reviews overall on JetPens are also quite good.

Thanks again JetPens! 

A dream I have is that Ohto would someday make a Super Promecha ballpoint pen as it would be killer.