Tiletto - The Titanium Letter Opener - Prototype

There are times when someone comes up with a really neat idea that, at first glance, would seem a bit excessive or unnecessary, but is incredibly awesome and something worth buying.  I would probably put the Tiletto in this category; do we really NEED a titanium letter opener?  Absolutely not, but man this thing is cool and I think everyone should check it out.

I was approached by project creator, Steve Sure, about giving my thoughts on Tiletto.  I agreed, and Steve kindly sent me one of his prototypes for review.  Thanks Steve!

In a nutshell, Tiletto is a sleek and stylish (with a bit of an industrial feel) titanium letter opener.  I even think the name is clever.  

Ti(tanium) Lett(er) O(pener)

It doesn't act like your normal, cheap letter openers that have a razor blade in them to slice through the paper, but does the job well with a blunt edge.  Really, the Tiletto is more of a kick-butt desk art/accessory that is as fun to look at as it is to use.

Now, as any self-respecting, wood working, pen nerd would, I whipped up a little walnut stand for mine.  It is functional although my design needs work.  Not bad for a 5 minute project out in the shop...

The Tiletto also touts some multi-tool functionality like acting as a simple hex wrench and flathead screwdriver.  It is no Swiss Army knife, but in a pinch you might be able to get away with using it for purposes besides opening your mail.

As mentioned, the Tiletto's edge is not sharp by any means, although it likely wouldn't be an item I'd give to a small child or try to take with you on your next airline flight as that would probably be a no-no.

The fit and finish even on the prototype is top notch.  The dark grey color of the raw metal looks really cool with the various angles and geometric shapes that comprise Tiletto's design.  In all honesty I think it is fantastic.

The Kickstarter campaign for Tiletto has already reached it's funding goal, but is only open through April 1st.  Make sure to check it out and support Steve if you feel this killer titanium accessory is something that would be a great addition to your desk.