Ti-Post RAW Pen + Stylus Prototype by BIGiDESIGN

Back again and on track to a successful Kickstarter campaign are Chadwick and Joe from BIGiDESIGN with a new and improved offering called the Ti-Post Raw Pen + Stylus.  The guys were kind enough to send me a prototype of the new pen to play with for a bit and first impressions are very good.

If you are familiar with one of their previous projects, the Solid Titanium Pen + Stylus, you'll get a good feel for what to expect with the Ti-Post.  In essence, it is a revision of that pen with some very well thought out design improvements and an awesome raw titanium finish.  The Solid Titanium Pen is awesome and is still a fan favorite, but the approach to making it better was a great decision.

The first major difference is the tapered/narrow end of the pen.  On the previous version there were simply a few small threads on the end to post the cap which was difficult to do (you had to get it right) and also made the pen very long and unbalanced. 

I would always write with mine unposted.  The new version allows the cap to go onto the barrel like a bit of a sleeve which makes threading it easier and also shortens the overall length considerably which improves balance.  On the prototype I am finding myself always posting the pen while writing.

I really, really enjoy the raw titanium finish.  A lot.  In all honesty, probably one of my favorite finishes yet on a pen ever, and I instantly knew that I needed one.  Several months ago I did a review of the Ti-Click in the raw tumbled finish (and the guys graciously did a giveaway as well) which was pretty cool, but this finish is much more appealing in my opinion.  Out of the Ti series of pens produced by BIGiDESIGN, I feel this finish is by far the most industrial and best looking.  Bravo guys.

One of the key utility features of the Solid Titanium Pen or Ti-Post RAW is the ability to use a lot of different refills.  Whether you like a gel, rollerball, or fineliner refill, they will likely fit in this thing.  They have a complete list available on the campaign page of what refills fit.  They've improved the internal rear spring to accommodate narrower refills a bit better to as they would tend to get stuck or pull the spring out completely in the previous model.

One small gripe I've heard and can understand is that the grip is a bit narrow.  Could it be slightly larger?  Perhaps a bit.

The end of the pen has a threaded section that can take either a conductive stylus for your phone and tablet, or you can swap it out with an included back plug to finish off the aesthetic of the pen.  Honestly, with my Solid Titanium and with the prototype, I usually just leave the threaded part open without a stylus or plug.  

Call me a crazy, but extra parts don't really seem necessary, but I get it.  Options.  With a pen, I don't really want extra little bits and pieces that I can lose.  When I'm using the pen I like to have all parts accounted for at all times on the pen if that makes sense.  Really not a bother, but just a personal preference and behavior I've noticed.

The Ti-Post RAW is a winner in my book and I personally have backed the project also.  The campaign ends April 9th, so make sure to head over and give it your consideration before then.

Thanks again Chadwick and Joe for sending the prototype my way!

Also, our good friend Brad Dowdy gave his thoughts on the pen, so check out his review for more opinions on the Ti-Post.