Pilot Juice 0.38mm Blue Pen Review

I have to admit, there was a time when I couldn't stand using an ultra fine gel pen.  Every time I picked one up I felt like I was writing with a pin dipped in ink.  Although, I've found over the last few years that I have grown to really enjoy them for specific purposes like note taking or when drawing more "technical" sketches.  For writing out a birthday card or signing a check?  Nope.

Now, I'm sure you might have heard of the Pilot Juice pen over the last year as there are many people on the bandwagon with these.  It has taken me up until now to try some, but in my last JetPens order I stocked up a bit...

The Pilot Juice I'd probably put in the category of the G2, 207, and Energel type pens, but the options available are literally insane.  Pilot knows how to do it right people.  There are at least 24 colors available (that I know of) and three sizes in a .38, .5, and .7mm.  If we do the math, that is ALOT of options for not only one pen brand, but one pen model.

Upon writing with the Juice I've found it to be excellent.  Even the .38 I'm using lays down a nice crisp and dark line with each stroke.  At only $1.65 apiece, these will definitely be making their way into my regular writing.

The barrel on the Juice isn't really anything to write home about.  Granted, it is a cheap pen but the barrel doesn't feel nearly as sturdy as a G2 and all the innards have kind of that low cost feel.  I'm glad the writing experience is top notch!  

The beauty of the refill is that it is the same size as the G2 so it will fit a variety of your favorite pens like the Karas Kustoms Retrakt, BIGiDESIGN Ti-Click Classic, or the upcoming Tactile Turn Mover.

I also bought some blue black and grey versions, but will likely be trying out more.  Seriously, for $1.65, toss a couple colors into your cart through JetPens to try as these are fantastic.