Starting a "Special" Journal - This One is a Little Sappy...

In the US this past Sunday we celebrated the holiday of Mother's Day which I'm certain has it's iterations and equivalents around the world.  It is a day set aside where we celebrate motherhood by calling or visiting our own mothers, waking up with the kids to make mom breakfast, flowers; the whole shebang.  Just celebrating "motherhood" as a whole. 

Now, this post is not about Mother's Day, but is about an idea that was presented to me this past week as we visited my in-laws that I thought would be very fitting to share on The Clicky Post.  I found it most inspiring.

On the car ride out to my in-laws, my wife and I had the discussion about holidays and the commercialization of them.  Not that gifts are bad, but the seemingly obligatory side of holidays where a greeting card exchange with your spouse or significant other is customary (or expected) and how that seemed to bother us a bit.  Deep thoughts, right?  Oddly enough, while visiting with my wife's parents, they shared with us that they had not exchanged greeting cards with one another since 2010.  Instead, they found a more meaningful way of showing their love and appreciation for one another in written form.

They proceeded to take off of their bookshelf a simple journal and then told us that this was where their "greeting cards" were.  Instead of feeling the need to go to the store, pick out a card that someone else wrote, and then buy the card, they choose to write a special message to one another in the journal.  This way, these thoughts are kept together in a special place for them to reread and refer back to.  Like any journal, it is also a history of where their relationship was at various points in their lives.  They also use the journal as a place to write random notes to one another outside of holidays or special occasions.

Of course, they did not allow us to read their personal messages, but the idea and sentiment struck me very profoundly.

Although this is not a traditional pen, pencil, or paper review that is the standard to The Clicky Post, it was something I felt very compelled to share as it made an influence on me.  Since we as a group enjoy writing and the experience thereof, I thought this would be an enjoyable post for those that may have a desire for a deeper, more meaningful way to express the way they feel to special people in their lives.  I could see this being done with not only spousal or significant other relationships, but with parents and children, siblings, or between very dear friends.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this.