**UPDATE** - Kaweco Special Series Error Corrections

I am not too proud to repent of my ways... but making mistakes always feels good, right?

If you recall my reviews of the Kaweco Special Fountain Pen and the Special Ballpoint from several months back, I made a few errors in my reviews and wanted to provide some specific clarity to the line in it's own post.  The Special is a really cool series that I gave a hard time in error and I appreciate the people that pointed out the issues for me.  I have since updated the reviews with the appropriate information.

UPDATE #1: The Grip is Made of Brass

Based on its look and feel, my assumptions for the grip were that it was made of a textured plastic, but it is actually made of brass.  This was brought to my attention by Sebastian of Kaweco as well as another reader and I've confirmed this by removing the nib section which revealed some of the threads which peeked through.  

UPDATE #2: You Can Buy a Clip For The Special

The second correction (or addition) is that there is a clip available for the Special series.  It is a similar spring loaded, slip on type as you can buy for the AL and Classic Sport series.  This was one of my major concerns for many readers which may change things.  I plan on picking up one of these clips as additional portability would absolutely help me to get more use from the Special as I do enjoy the aesthetic greatly. 

"Special" thanks to Sebastian and others for providing this information so I could set the record straight and I apologize for my errors!

- Mike