The Clicky Post Yard Sale - Part II

Hello Readers,

If you recall a few weeks back I held a little "yard sale" of a few pens and I believe they've gotten to all of their respective owners.  

In looking through my collection again I found a few more that I thought I might be willing to part with to those that may be interested.  

Each pen listed is a pen that I purchased myself and was not provided complimentary by any retailer/manufacturer.

Kaweco AC Sport Fountain Pen - Black - BB Nib - (Near Mint) $85

Kaweco ART Sport Ballpoint - Amber Finish - (Near Mint/New) SOLD

Kaweco AL Sport Ballpoint - Raw - (Light Scratches Common to Finish) - $45 

Kaweco Allrounder Fountain Pen - Blue - M Nib - (Near Mint) - SOLD

Kaweco Special Fountain Pen - Black - B Nib (Near Mint) -$75

Pelikan M205 Fountain Pen - White - F Nib - (Near Mint) - SOLD

rOtring 600 Silver Rollerball - (Overall Very Good; shows signs of normal wear) SOLD

rOtring Lava Rollerball - (Near Mint/New) - $195

For domestic/US purchases, USPS Priority shipping would be $5 and for International First Class, $10.  This will likely not cover the full cost, but I like round numbers.  Please let me know which you will need.

If interested in any of these pens or if you have questions, please shoot me a message through the Contact page and we'll work out a PayPal arrangement.  These are first come, first serve!

These have been priced very reasonably and I am not open to price negotiating or haggling, please.... : )


- Mike