Delta Vintage Fountain Pen Review - White Acrylic

Delta is a brand that I haven't had much exposure to (have actually never used one), so I was excited when Pen Chalet offered to send me the Vintage fountain pen for review.

For being a brand I've not used or heard much of before, Delta has a very broad line of pens ranging from the sub $100 all the way up to over $1,000. I was surprised by the depth of their catalog and I'm sure I'll be branching out into more of their pens in the future.

The Vintage is one of the more "entry" level Delta fountain pens coming in just under the sub-$150 range. I've been anxious to take a look at the Vintage as I'm usually pretty leery of this price point in pens.

I suppose it boils down to the perception of value based on price. $100-200 is a good chunk of money that can buy you pens like the Pilot Vanishing Point, LAMY 2000, Pilot Custom 74, or the Sailor 1911 Standard, all with a gold nib. So should you choose a Delta?

Delta is an Italian brand that has been round for over 30 years and seems to specialize in larger, bulkier pens with interesting acrylics and elaborate furniture. This type of aesthetic is not usually my thing, but the Vintage is a bit more on the conservative side and more to my personal taste.

Acrylic Delta pens are said to be hand made which I'd imagine adds a bit to the price. The build quality and finish on the pen is quite nice and solid. Nothing about it feels loose, rattly, or skimped on. This particular model is made from a lovely white acrylic and is machined and polished beautifully. The pen also comes in a few other colors with the white being the most conservative in my opinion. 

The Vintage is a bit on the smaller size, but not too small. Upon original review of the specs I thought it might be really small like the Pilot Stargazer, but not quite that small! It is comfortable enough to write with unposted, but I prefer to post the cap while writing.

It is a light pen coming in at 0.8 oz, but feels substantial.

Now, going back to the idea of value, the Vintage comes with a steel nib. While gold nibs are generally softer, I've found that there are a lot of steel nibs that are just as comfortable (almost better in my opinion) as gold. This can vary from manufacturer, but I have been very pleased with the writing experience. The flow is wet and smooth and the medium is a generous medium.

The nib has had a few slow starts when I let it sit for a few days, but is a wonderful writer and is a bit on the glassy side.

Being a shorter pen, it can take the international short cartridge, but not a standard international converter. Monteverde makes a mini converter which will fit, but you can't fill it all of the way or one could use the even smaller Kaweco squeeze converter.

As mentioned, the Vintage is a bit more on the conservative side within the Delta lineup and is adorned with mostly a chrome/rhodium finish. Although, the main center band has a slight ridge that is gold. The clip is sturdy and has a rolling wheel which adds some class and function for getting it out of your pocket.

I have to admit, the Vintage seems to deliver. Like I said, I'm generally pretty leery of pens with steel nibs within this price range, but I find this one to perform nicely as well as enjoy the overall look. My wife wants to steal it actually....

Thanks again to Pen Chalet for providing the pen for review. They have a solid collection of pens, are a great support to our community, and offer really great pricing. I don't mention it too often, but there is also a standing CLICKYPOST promo code for 10% if you're in the market for something.