Karas Kustoms Smooth Cap G2 Render K and Doane Paper Giveaway

I've been sitting on this pen for awhile now waiting for a time to give it away!  The guys at Karas Kustoms were kind enough to offer up this special smooth capped, black, G2 edition Render K to give to a reader of The Clicky Post when the time was right... well the time is now!

The Render K is one of my all time favorite pens, particularly the G2 version in aluminum.  It is one of the originals from what I consider to be the "machined pen revolution" and is a classic.  It is a pen that will withstand the tests of time in my opinion.

This particular Render K has a smooth cap (no knurling) which is something that the guys haven't officially offered yet, so it is a bit of a rarity.

As the name denotes, this is the G2 version (as in, Pilot G2) meaning that it will take as a refill one of the most widely available pens on the market.  This also means it can take refills like the Pilot Precise RT and others of similar size.

To sweeten the deal, I decided to include a large Flap Jotter from Doane Paper Goods.  "dp" is one of my favorite brands and the high quality of his grid+lines products are something to experience.

How do you enter the giveaway to possibly win?  See below:

CONTEST RULES (the "fine print"):

- Contest will run through Friday, March 13th, 2015 (spooky!) and will end at 11:59pm Arizona Time, USA.  I will be announcing the winner the next day so stay tuned...

- To enter, leave a comment below about why it is you visit pen/pencil blogs.  What are you trying to see, learn, discover?...  (limited to one entry per person; no cheating!)

- I will arrange the entries in numerical order and randomly select a winner.  The winner will be announced on the blog on Saturday, March 14th and will need to connect with me within a week to claim their prize. 

- This giveaway is open to both US and International readers.

Outside of the contest, please visit the sites of these two companies and browse their wares.  Great stuff!