Ink Bottle Series - New From Dudek Modern Goods

I'm pleased to announce the three newest offerings from Dudek Modern Goods!  Coming up on the second year anniversary of the brand, I am extremely grateful for all of the tremendous support I've received from around the globe.  Thank you for letting me make these pieces to share.

The three new products are part of the Ink Bottle series: The Main, The Writer, and The Workspace.  The goal was to create elegant desk pieces that allow you to keep your favorite ink(s) close at hand as well as pens and possible notebooks.


The smallest of the three, The Main holds one included 60ml amber bottle for your favorite ink and three writing instruments you want to keep close at hand.

Approx. dimensions: H 2.5" - W 4" - D 3"   


Slightly larger, The Writer provides space for two included 60ml amber bottles (so you don't have to choose only one favorite ink) and 9 of your writing instruments.

Approx. dimensions: H 2.5" - W 8" - D 3"  


The largest piece in the Dudek Modern Goods line, The Workspace should provide ample room for all of your writing needs.  Included are two 60ml amber bottles, room for 9 writing instruments and two slots for your favorite pocket notebooks or index cards.

Approx. dimensions: H 2.5" - W 10.5" - D 3"