Tactile Turn Stainless Steel Shaving Handles - The Pruner and Parer

With Father's Day coming up soon, what is there to get for good old dad?  This review is pretty far out of the ordinary from pens and paper, but I couldn't pass it up.  

Many of you know Will Hodges of Tactile Turn for his popular machined pens, The Mover and Shaker.  He connected with me recently and shared an upcoming idea and project he wanted me to look at and when he sent me his initial pictures... well, you'll see what I mean.  I was stoked to get my hands on these.

What he has up for grabs via Kickstarter right now is pretty sweet.  Downright awesome really; machined handles out of stainless steel for the Gillette Fusion and Mach 3 line of razors. 

Not that the regular handles don't do the job, but with machined stainless steel as an option?...

Being stainless steel, these beauties are pretty hefty with the Fusion handle, The Pruner, coming in at 4.9 oz and the Mach 3 handle, The Parer, at a lighter 3.0 oz.

The handles in the lower half have the Tactile Turn "spiral grip" which makes for a solid hold on both writing and shaving instruments alike.  Will has also added a stepping design toward the top of the handle which gives it a more machined and metal look which turned out great.

The actual clip portion (the top chrome section where the razor clicks in) is an included piece so no need to try and disassemble an existing razor to build it.  A question to Will might be if the top part does eventually wear out or lose its spring, can the part be replaced?  We'll have to get his insight on the matter...

I've been able to use these for a few shaves now (with the Fusion) and my experience has been great thus far but the added heft while shaving takes a little getting used to.  The only major point (possible concern) I want to make is that these are very heavy (toes, vanities, and tile floors beware...if dropped).  Other than that the quality is fantastic and is something the shaving person in your life (or yourself) is bound to find cool to have on their sink.  A little on the excessive side?  Sure, but... 

If these are an accessory that may fit one of your other analog needs (can't live without, really...), please check out his Kickstarter campaign as it is only running for a short time as the plan is to get them out by Father's Day.

Thanks Will for sending these to check out!