"It's just a pen...."

"It's just a pen...."  

Is this something you've ever heard from a friend, colleague, spouse or significant other? Agreeably, our little obsession is hard for some to comprehend.  Why would someone in their right mind choose to purchase a $200+ pen when a $2 would suffice?

This can be applied to almost everything, or at least anything where the perceived value of use or experience is worth more than utility alone.  Deep thoughts.... 

This post seems to be heading in the direction of how and why we justify our desire to find, buy, and use new pens (wash, rinse, repeat), but actually I've been having other thoughts.

I've been thinking a lot about how it is possible to have too much of a good thing.  Even pens.

We've all done this in one way or another with things like certain foods, shoes, jewelry, vintage cameras, baseball cards, knives...  there is a time when all we can think about are these things which generally leads to higher rates of purchase or consumption.  We find ourselves scouring the internet, talking to people about them, shopping, and even finding "groups" or pockets of individuals that are just as obsessed as we are (or more) .

That high level of consumption by looking for "the next thing" often leads to having a lot of stuff.  More stuff than any human would ever be able to use and truly enjoy fully.  

Eventually though, does our love and obsession start to dwindle in its savor a bit?  Have we had too much too soon?  Do we have an abundance to the level where we aren't as "hungry" as before? 

What ends up happening is that we start seeing all of the things that used to excite us like that new model, product, edition, or whatever, as "just another....".  Can that thing that brought us some of our greatest satisfaction ultimately get pushed out of our lives or into the realm of indifference (or contempt) because we stuffed ourselves at the buffet table a bit too much.

I've bought and used a lot of pens.  I write a pen blog for goodness sake!!!  I love pens and I don't foresee that ever changing.  That being said, are there moments where I have had feelings like this?  Absolutely.  

In the recent months I've been trying to be more mindful of what I'm using most often, what things work for me, and trying to take more time with the things I enjoy rather than feeling the need to always bounce from pen to pen or look for the "newest" thing.  Part of this process is also parting with things that I don't find myself using.  Does that mean they are bad pens?  Not at all, just not what is bringing me a lot of joy currently. 

Do new things still excite me?  Sure!  But is the compulsion to go buy everything the same? Not as much. 

What I've found is I feel a bit more connected and appreciate what I am using more.  I look forward to picking up that pen that I couldn't put down for two weeks or more.  When the mentality of always trying to find the greener grass (or just have all the grass at once?...kind of weird analogy) is in full swing, it is hard to settle down and just enjoy the things that can and really make us happy now.  It makes life simpler as well which is always a bonus.

This is absolutely a different kind of post than normal, but I felt a bit compelled to share.  Pens and fine writing are a part of us and is something that makes us a part of this great community.  It is fun to always be trying new things, but if you feel like you're getting to a point of "just another....", find a way to step back and evaluate what you really do like and stick with that for awhile.

Would love to get other peoples thoughts on this if you're willing to share.