New Pieces From Dudek Modern Goods

A few years ago in the early stages of the blog I posted some images of a walnut pen holder storage project I was working on, and what came out of it was something I didn't expect... A side business, Dudek Modern Goods, hand making walnut pen holders in various shapes and sizes that I would soon be shipping around the world. This has been a humbling ride as the support for my products has been tremendous throughout our amazing community. Thank you!

Every so often I work on and develop new items in the shop, and I've recently created three new pieces that I'd like to share!

What is different about these from previous pieces is that they incorporate a place to include a small succulent, cactus, or plant on your desk to liven up your work space. I've been wanting to make something like this for myself (selfishly) for awhile and worked out all the details to now bring them to you.

The three new pieces are The Greenery, The Sprout, and The Planter.

One of the driving forces behind the philosophy I try to follow with Dudek Modern Goods and in my own life is buying things that have a sense of heritage and personality. It's not simply buying "something that works", but something that carries the obvious stamp of someone who cares about the product they're making or selling to you. When you purchase a product from a person that has made it just for you, I believe there is a value in that and hopefully something that is reflected upon during the time you own it (hopefully forever). 

Thank you again for the tremendous support over the last few years and thanks for taking a look at the new pieces!

- Mike Dudek