The if... Pen on Kickstarter - Unique (SMA) Single Motion Activation (sponsor)

Years in the making, now live on Kickstarter is a new pen created by Dave Colliver called The if... Pen. Just looking at it, this pen stands out as innovative in both design and function which you'll definitely want to see.

Dave is a firm believer that form follows function and this philosophy has driven his nearly five year quest to develop this unique writing instrument for the masses.

"..I believe nothing beats the tactile connection when putting ideas on paper… and that should be something you can take pride in."

One of the key features that stands out most with this pen is its unique Single Motion Activation mechanism - squeeze the grip & write. No click, twist or un-capping. Super cool! Dave showed this best in his Kickstarter video.

If you're looking for a Kickstarter pen project that breaks some of the molds we've been used to, definitely check out The if... Pen.

Special thanks to The if...Pen for sponsoring The Clicky Post!