Enjoying Fountain Pen Day 2017 And Celebrating Writing (Even if you don't like fountain pens...)

Dear Reader,

If you didn't know, today is officially Fountain Pen Day 2017! Bust out those ink bottles and get those tines humming as we appreciate one of our favorite writing instruments.

FPD Wide.png

Admittedly, I wouldn't really consider myself the overly celebratory type, but the idea of taking a specific day to reflect on just about anything (particularly things important to you) can help us gain perspective.

What is the purpose of Fountain Pen Day? What is one supposed to do? What if I DON'T like fountain pens?!.... Let's take a step back and think about it a bit differently.


For me, Fountain Pen Day isn't so much about only appreciating a certain type of pen, but appreciating what a pen can allow us to do. Think of a world where pens didn't exist, writing didn't exist, and where we couldn't record our thoughts, hopes, and desires onto paper. In the span of human history, the widespread access to writing (and even ability to do so) is relatively new, but is something we now take for granted.

Or, the idea of physically writing for pleasure (or simply to think) is even challenged by some as archaic, outdated, or now unnecessary altogether due to advancements in screens and devices that make things more "convenient".

Honestly, to heck with that. We aren't machines that need to constantly calculate experiences or practices based on time or efficiency. We are human and we think, feel, and express ourselves through a myriad of impractical ways.

We enjoy reading funny, sad, or scary stories. We enjoy looking at art that inspires us to think bigger or differently. We sit and listen to music for the sheer enjoyment of experiencing rhythm and sound. None of these things are efficient or practical, so why should writing be?


Using a fountain pen (or any pen/pencil for that matter) is a time consuming and even sometimes messy process, but we love it. Seeing our own writing on a page (even with all of your messy letters and misspellings!) is something unique to you and should be celebrated. Our writings don't have to be a profound quote or a best selling novel, but could be your thoughts about the day, a grocery list, or a note to a loved one or friend.

Writing is a very tactile experience, but can also cover more senses like sight, sound, or even smell.

Seeing the swirls and shades of the ink drying on a page, listening to the slight "scratch" of the nib or pencil on the page, or smelling the pungent odor of your ink (Pilot Blue/Black anyone?...) or aromatic scent of a cedar from your woodcased companion.

Perhaps this all sounds a bit poetic, but it helps me to step away from my hectic daily routine and embrace even more something that I love and enjoy; the experience of writing.

Take time to enjoy writing today no matter what your writing instrument preference is. : )

Happy Fountain Pen Day everyone!

- Mike