Dee Charles Designs Leather Single Pen Sleeve - Rawhide Blue

As of late, I tend to carry my pens in my jeans pocket or in my bag, and rather than tossing them in I've been using various leather pen sleeves to keep the pens protected from keys, etc.

I'm always a sucker for new leather goods to try, so I was happy to oblige when Pen Chalet reached out to see if I would like to review a sleeve from one of their new product lines called Dee Charles Designs.

The sleeve came in a nicely branded black box, and rested inside was the new sleeve.

I opted for a more rustic looking leather which goes under the name "Rawhide" that is stitched with blue thread. This is different than what I would usually choose as a colorway (because I'm boring...), but I like it.

This particular leather shows wear really nicely when you start putting pens in the sleeve. As it stretches, the leather color adjusts and shifts a bit, giving it an instant worn-in aesthetic.

Branded/stamped into the leather is the Dee Charles Design logo which is a monogram in the shape of a fountain pen nib which I thought was tastefully done (and quite clever...).

The sleeve is made from thick leather which is a total plus. I absolutely detest those thin, flimsy, "leather" sleeves (if they are even made of it), like the cheap-o ones that sometimes come with inexpensive pens to try and add some fanciness to it (which they fail at), that feel like they are going to fall apart.

That certainly does not describe this sleeve as it is thick and sturdy, as it should be.

The sleeve isn't overly big, but I would put it on the larger size compared to some other sleeves. Although you could squeeze a smaller pen down into the sleeve, fishing it out would be a chore. For this product I'd use it for my more full size pens, although really large pens could be problematic.

For example, a Lamy 2000 fountain pen is about a perfect fit.

This particular sleeve comes in at $22, although the current listing has it squeaking in just under $20 which I feel is worth the price based on the quality of the product.

In addition to the single pen sleeve, Pen Chalet also carries a Dee Charles double sleeve as well as a pocket notebook/pen combo cover. If you are doing some shopping at Pen Chalet and haven't picked up a sleeve for your pens (or 5... I never have enough), these may be a good option to consider.

Thanks again to Pen Chalet for sending the sleeve to review!