Appelboom Pens and Stationery (sponsor)

Appelboom is a pen retailer that has been serving the Netherlands for over 20 years and has a fantastic reputation for customer care and value. I've made several purchases from them myself and I always receive my pens promptly and well packaged (gift wrapped actually!).

Appelboom Logo.png

They carry an extensive variety of pens from our favorite brands like Sailor, LAMY, Kaweco, and also carry luxury brands like Montblanc. I've personally found several unique models that I've not seen carried by other retailers, so definitely take a look at their lineup.


For buyers outside of the EU, the pricing removes the included 21% VAT (value added tax) which can often translate into big savings for more expensive pens with Appelboom's competitive pricing.

Also, when placing an order use the promo code FRIEND for 10% off of your purchase* for more savings.

Thanks so much to Appelboom for sponsoring The Clicky Post! 

(*The promo code is not applicable for Montblanc pens due to their non-discount policies, but is available for all other brands.)