Fisher Space Pen - 70th Anniversary Edition Bullet Pen

One thing I do love is a pen with a good story. And, I think Fisher Space Pens have a story worth telling, and are one of the iconic pens of the 20th century.

In a world of super smooth gel and rollerball pens, at first use many people might find the writing experience of the Fisher refill to be, well, just a ballpoint, but there is certainly more to it than that.

2018 celebrates the 70th anniversary of when in 1948 Paul Fisher first created the initial prototypes and samples of what would become the classic "bullet" style many of us know and love. Although, it wasn't until the mid-60's when he developed the pressurized refill for which Fisher is known for, to be used in the Anti-Gravity #7 (AG7) pen first flown on Apollo 7 to replace the use of pencils due to the conductivity and flammability of the graphite. While I do love the bullet pens, one of my first "nice" pens was the AG7 which I still hold as one of my all time favorites.

To show appreciation and celebration for this major milestone of 70 years, the Fisher company has produced a special edition, two-tone bullet pen and they were kind enough to send me one for review. Special thanks to them!

Bullet vs AG7

Your average bullet pens are usually a favorite as an EDC (every day carry) due to their compact size, all metal construction, relatively low cost (around $20), and versatile refill that can work in literally almost any condition. Lets just say, their matte black version is designed to get used and maybe even a little abused...

Although, this 70th anniversary edition pen is definitely one that I wouldn't find myself abusing... They've taken great care in trying to class this one up for the occasion. But, that doesn't mean that others might be more bold than me!

The standard bullet pens generally come in either a plastic clamshell or a blister pack (I've seen these at office supply stores like Staples), but the 70th arrived in a classy matte black box with the Fisher logo silver foil stamped on the cover. Inside the box was a velvet blue clamshell case with the pen nestled inside. There is also a gold Fisher logo printed in the roof of the inside.

The color scheme they chose for the pen is a chrome and titanium plated two-tone which is shiny, but not overly flashy. They make their standard bullet in probably a dozen of colors (many of them very bright), but I don't recall seeing a two-tone very often. I like the decision to keep it more on the conservative side.

The cap makes up the titanium plated portion which is best described as a mirror finish slate grey color. The remainder of the pen is in the well known, classic chrome finish which, to me, is probably my personal favorite of the space pen finishes.

Being an all chrome-like finish it is a bit prone to fingerprints (likely noticeable in the pictures), but it sure looks great.

On the chrome finish versions of the pens they generally always have their somewhat unique "spiral ring" pattern groove that is cut into the barrel slightly at the grip section to add some texture for writing. Definitely toothy, but not uncomfortable. 

As a finishing touch to this edition they've etched a special "70" sun burst onto the cap. It is dramatic, bold, and I think adds a nice accent to the piece. Due to the pen being all brass, the etching is actually exposing the metal underneath which does give it a bit of a gold/brassy color.

From a price point, the 70th special edition is actually extremely reasonable at $37 and would be a great addition to a collection (or, your first!).

Special thanks again to Fisher Space Pen for sending it for review.