Acoustic iPhone Speaker/Amplifier (Baltic Birch) Giveaway!

Thanks to my friends, Brad and Myke from The Pen Addict Podcast, there has been some buzz and interest in the Acoustic iPhone Speakers/Amplifiers that I make.  I thought, why not do a giveaway of one for fun, so here is a chance for visitors of the blog to win one.

Actually, depending on how many entries we get, there may be multiple winners!

For every 100 entries (one per person please...), I'll do a drawing for a speaker!

iPhone Speaker Giveaway.JPG

How to enter:

To be entered into the drawing, just provide your name and email below by Friday, June 7th.  I'll do a randomized drawing of the entries and then post and email the winner! 

Also, feel free to leave a comment below of your favorite pens, etc as I'm always down for some inspiration!

Giveaway Entry Form
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