An Idea - The "Small Business Showcase" on The Clicky Post

A theme that has come up on The Clicky Post since it's inception is the idea that I love small business and I love manufactured goods, particularly of the handmade variety.

There are quite a few small businesses that have been "showcased" here on The Clicky Post and I wanted to provide a recap on some of them for you all (click header for past review):


Doane Paper Goods

One of my favorite paper brands ever.  Owned and operated by the man himself, Chad Doane, creator of the now iconic blue grid+lines.  One of my go-to products of his is the Large Idea Journal.


Karas Kustoms -

A local favorite of mine.  Creators and machinists of awesome metal pens and products like the Render K, Bolt, and Retrakt.  They are a small machine shop that not only does pens, but also cool machined Apple product cases.


 One Star Leather Goods - 

Owned and operated by a one man show, Keegan.  Creator of exquisite yet highly functional leather products.  One of my favorite products is his wallet/notebook cover called the Park Sloper Sr. 


Bas & Lokes - Leather Makers

Hailing from Australia, this duo (with the help of their dog Soda), create beautiful leather goods that are chic and elegant.  Really top notch stuff.  Shown right is the "Reynolds" pen case.

So, the idea is, I'd like to provide a place on The Clicky Post for small businesses like these to receive some review and exposure if they'd like.  There will be some "rules" so-to-speak, but I'd love to do about a review or two per month showcasing a new small business I've met.

Now, not every small business is a good fit for The Clicky Post audience and not everyone will be selected for showcase, but that doesn't mean if you're interested that you shouldn't reach out to me.  I'd love to discuss your thoughts on it.

The "Rules/Guidelines" -

- needs to be an existing business (Kickstarter projects may find their way to The Clicky Post from time to time, but not in the Small Business Showcase)

- preferably handmade products/goods that fit the general theme of the blog and audience: pen, paper, "writing", or every day carry related

- can choose to provide samples for review or giveaway on the blog

- the actual owner(s) of the small business contact me (sorry, referrals and links to cool stuff are appreciated, but not for this unfortunately.)  :)

If you are interested, please shoot me an email through the Contact page with the subject "Small Business Showcase" and tell me a bit about yourself and your business.  Provide links to products, images, etc and I'll get back to you about my thoughts too.  I think it will be fun.