New Offering from The Clicky "Trading" Post - The Display

I'm always excited when some inspiration hits while working out in the shop.  Often times it even stops me from completing what I'm currently working on because I have to pursue the idea.  That's what is fun about the creative process I suppose.

I'm pleased to announce the newest offering from Dudek Modern Goods:

The Display

Very similar to it's cousin, The Groove, The Display is a combined pen and notebook holder that leaves a small footprint on your desk, but offers some elegant yet minimal storage.  The inspiration hit when I wanted to offer something that took most of the showcasing away from the notebooks and shifted it to the pens put on "display".  

The Display holds a few less pens than The Groove, but has a nice cutaway that allows you to see not only the caps of your pens, but more of the barrels all lined up in a row. 

Like my other products, The Display is handmade from a single piece of walnut and finished in a soft, satin polyurethane.

I want to again express my thanks for all the support I've received and for those that have ordered my products thus far!  Please let me know if you have questions about The Display or my other products found in The Clicky "Trading" Post.

- Mike Dudek