rOtring 600 Ballpoint - Lava Pen Review

Upon visiting Scottsdale Pen, I noticed tucked back in the display what appeared to be a rOtring 600 Ballpoint pen in the Lava finish.  Although used, I was instantly intrigued as it looked to be in tip-top shape…

 There is something about the rOtring brand that is just captivating.  The design and build quality kind of draws you in.  Even Jay at the pen shop said that from his observations the rOtring brand has almost a “cult following”; I’m drinking the Kool-Aid!

It wasn’t until I reviewed the price tag that my jaw literally dropped; in a good way.  I’ve looked online at the rOtring 600s before in the Lava finish, but since they are a discontinued product they tend to fetch between $150 to $300 for them.  Personally, this seems crazy in my mind.  When I saw the price tag said $30 (yes, $30) I knew that it was going home with me.

I swapped out the old rOtring refill with a Schmidt EasyFlow 9000 in blue (great refill) which meshed the great build of the pen with a now better writing experience.

Old rOtrings have a solid weight that is well balanced.  This is only my second rOtring so I'm not an "expert" on these old pens, but I'm impressed for sure. 

The Lava finish is pretty cool and very different than anything I've used on a pen before.  To be somewhat honest, I wonder why they decided on this finish in the first place?   Trying to imagine the design meeting where they said, "we should make it look like lava"...   

With the hexagonal, angular barrel, the matte finish adds some awesome texture visually to the pen.  Overall, a beautiful and interesting pen that I'm happy to have stumbled upon.