(Revised) Fisher Space Pen - AG7 Review

The first post on the blog for the AG7 was sort of a test run with the new site, but I feel that the pen deserves a more in-depth pictorial review.  So, this is a repost, but with more visual enjoyment! 

There is a small reflection of me in the clip; very shiny!

The history behind the AG7 was part of the appeal that drew me to wanting one, but Fisher makes a great product.  These were, and are, the pens that are taken into space and to the moon due to the pressurized cartridge system.  This allows you to write upside down or in zero gravity (although I've never needed it for either of these scenarios...) 

AG7, Left - Bullet Pen, Right

These babies usually run $50 retail, but I was able to pick one up for a steal on eBay for $28 with free shipping...no brainer!  They are made of solid brass and are finished in a shiny, mirror-like chrome.  The break in the barrel seems to have a million threads when you are unscrewing it, but I guess it is less likely to come apart in space flight this way?... (joke)

If you've never written with a Fisher cartridge, the ink is smooth and not overly globby for a ball point.  The most fun with this pen has to be the "dual-action" knock mechanism.  To extend the tip you push the knock at the end and to retract, push the small side button which pops it back.  This motion is actually quite fun, but I'll warn you, could become annoying to co-workers or innocent bystanders.  It isn't really a quiet click.

The pen has is somewhat slender, but even with larger hands as I have it doesn't feel uncomfortable in the least.  I enjoy the grip section where there are rings milled into the pen which adds a nice design element to it.