rOtring 900 Rollerball Review - Matte Silver Finish

One of the more odd rOtring pens in my collection is one I got sort of on a whim.  I found it for a good deal on eBay and it came with one of the neat original rOtring boxes; selling point for sure.

I don't really know a whole lot about the rOtring 900 series because they aren't as highly reviewed as the 600s, but they are interesting.  The 900 originally came in a variety of types from ballpoints and pencils (with crazy side knock mechanisms), rollerballs, fountain pens, and a strange tip called a Stylograph which is a ballpoint of sorts that takes an ink cartridge.  So, a rollerball actually?  There is one listed right now on eBay, but they run a bit steep in the range of a 600 fountain pen.

The design of the pen seems very modern.  When I showed it to my buddy Dan Bishop he described it as "80's European Modern".  The guy has a design degree; I trust him...  It seems very futuristic.

The barrel of the pen and grip are covered with machined grooves that start shallow and end up deeper near the middle of the pen.  As they aren't uniform throughout, it adds some cool visual texture to the pen.  The grooves aren't sharp in any way and don't seem to dig into my fingers at all.

The barrel is very heavy and very long.  This is a larger than average pen coming in at over six inches in length and is quite weighty.  Like most rOtring pens, I'd imaging the barrel is made from brass, but I could be wrong.  The barrel is coated in a matte silver finish, but it also came in a chrome version which looks pretty awesome.  Our friend over at Write to Me Often has a lovely collection of rOtring pens of which a chrome 900 fountain pen is included.

I didn't do a writing sample for this review as it takes a variety of standard rollerball refills (even a Pilot G2 would fit) so the options are open.  The refill is held snugly in place by a rear inner spring that adds some tension as well as allows for refills of slightly varying lengths.

The clip is a bit of an odd one, completely different than anything in my collection.  It is comprised of a single black wire that is bent to the shape of the cap and has a rubber/plastic piece on the end as not to scratch the pen.  For being wire, it is surprisingly sturdy and I have no fear of bending it with normal use.  The cap in comparison to the barrel is extremely light, and posted, doesn't impact the writing too terribly.

Not really a lot more I can say about this one other than it is unique and is likely a rOtring model that most people haven't heard of.  As I said above, I found this one at auction for quite a good deal, but these models can run anywhere from $70 to $180, so not necessarily cheap.  But if this design is something you find appealing and interesting, that may be a reasonable investment for you.  It will definitely stand out when you use it in your next meeting.