Uni-ball Vision Needle - Fine Pen Review

I'm actually really enjoying preparing pen reviews of the regular "office" variety and the feedback has been excellent.  Thanks everyone for your comments!  As promised, I'm planning on adding more pens that can be bought in normal retailers or office supply stores, but they'll probably still be ones that I find I enjoy.

The Uni-ball Vision Needle is a pen I've had kicking around my desk for awhile now that doesn't seem to get much use, but I thought it'd be a good one to review.  Upon putting the pen to paper, this is a great pen and I enjoyed getting reacquainted with it.

This particular pen is in the "Fine" line width which is probably around a 0.7mm for normal gel type pens.  The writing is nice and dark, and there wasn't a skip to be had.  The ink in this pen is black, although blue really is my preference.  I might have to hit up JetPens for a blue one...

Uni makes quite a few versions of the Vision series: the normal "Vision", the Vision Needle, and the Vision Elite.  I really enjoy the Vision Elite in the rollerball category, particularly in the blue/black color and will likely be posting a review soon about that one as well.

The Vision Needle is Uni-ball's answer to the Pilot Precise V5 and V7 which is an insanely popular and classic pen choice.  The Vision Needle does claim to have a stronger tip (for those really heavy-handed writers...or if you drop it) as well as touts the Uni-ball "Super" ink variety that is archival and fadeproof/waterproof.  I don't know, Pilot, but Uni seems to be one-upping you on this pen...

As I mentioned, I've had this pen for quite awhile on my desk, so the markings and branding may have even changed on it, but I know they are still available.

The flow of the ink and writing experience is quite good.  Not quite as smooth as the Precise I'd have to say as the tip is noticeably scratchy.  It isn't a bother per se, but is something that the super smooth writer people may find a bit annoying.  It isn't distracting to me.  Now, I have also tried the "Micro" line width ones as well, but prefer the fine as the experience was way more scratchy.  Super small writers beware!

The writing sample was done on the large Doane Paper flap jotter (easily one of my new favorite products) which is great for writing with fountain pens or really inky pens as it absorbs really well whilst leaving a crisp line.  Paper is often a key component of the writing experience, so I may have been spoiled a bit by the DP, but your average cheap-o writing pad may change how the tip feels on the page.

For about $7 per 3-pack at your local office supply store or less than $2 apiece from our friends at JetPens, I'd say these are a great pen to give a try.